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The year before your child moves to Year R they will participate in the Nursery Narrative Programme once a week.


The Nursery Narrative Programme is set over twenty weeks and focuses on communication, language and literacy as this is imperative to all learning as young children cannot function effectively until they are able to listen to, understand and use simple language.


The sessions are of a very practical and active nature that last between 15 and 20 minutes, which allows each individual child to become actively involved in a wide variety of activities. Appropriate adult intervention helps the children to express themselves in a stimulating and relaxed environment.


The Narrative Programme consists of learning about who, where, when and what happens next with the use of Makaton sign language.


The programme is over 20 weeks and is covered by the following:


WHO:                               Week 1         Me

                                         Week 2         Who am I?

                                         Week 3         Me and my family

                                         Week 4         Me and my friends

                                         Week 5         A traditional story

                                         Week 6         Nursery rhymes

                                         Week 7         Familiar book characters

                                         Week 8         Farm animals

                                         Week 9         People who help us/Occupations

                                         Week 10       Wild animals

                                         Week 11       Mini beasts


WHERE:                            Week 12       Prepositions, where is it?

                                         Week 13       Where does it belong?

                                         Week 14       Animal homes

                                         Week 15       Where would you find?


WHEN:                              Week 16       Daily routines/events

                                          Week 17      When I was a baby

                                          Week 18      Night and day

                                          Week 19      Special events/Seasons


WHAT HAPPENED?          Week 20      What happens next?



This Narrative approach will help to develop your child's communication, language and sequencing skills building a firm foundation for future learning and development.





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