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Parent/Carer information

Please see important information below for parents and carers.


Please be reminded that invoices need to be paid promptly to avoid arrears.

Invoices need to be paid in full before the end of  each half term, as agreed in our payment policy. There is also the option to pay by Direct Debit or Bank transfer (see details on invoices). Unfortunately extra sessions and lunches will still need to be paid by cash or bank transfer on the day. Little Stars does not accept cheques.

Parking outside the pre-school

We have been asked to remind parents not to park in front of people’s drives or across the raised crossing outside pre-school. There have been a lot of complaints to the school.

Medication and Pre-existing Injuries

If your child has any medication prescribed by a doctor that staff need to administer please ensure that you hand this to your child’s key person and complete a medication form on the day your child comes in.

If your child has a pre-existing injury, that may include a cut, graze, bruise or bump, when they come into pre-school please inform your child’s key person and complete a pre-existing injury form.

Lunch Boxes

Please ensure that your child’s lunch is in a named lunch box with an ice pack to keep it cool. Our aim is to incorporate healthy lifestyles so please do not add chocolate bars, fruit winders or similar sugary foods as well as fizzy drinks in your child’s lunch box. Can we also ask that no nut products, including peanut butter sandwiches, are not put in lunch boxes as we do have children with allergies.

Late Pickups

Can we ask that if something happens and you are going to be late picking your child up, please call us to let us know. Please note that a charge of £2.50 per 10 minutes will be charged if this happens. (This is not an option of extra childcare for parents to use, staff ratios need to be kept and staff need their lunch breaks too).

IMPORTANT Contact details

Can we ask all parents/carers to check their contact details with their child’s key person. This information is vital to us and should be updated as and when necessary including email addresses.

Early Pickups

If you need to pick up your child early please speak to a staff member to let us know.  At 11.45am and 2.45pm we begin our story time and we ask that the door bell is not rung at this time as distractions can spoil the enjoyment of the story for the children.

IMPORTANT PLEASE supply a change of clothing in a named bag each day for your child.  Please place all bags on the platform below the coat pegs on our  coat stand.  Please supply a jumper or cardigan that your child can put on if they feel a little chilly while inside. Please ensure that all clothing, including coats and spare shoes, are named clearly. Can parents supplying nappies ensure that there are enough to accommodate their child each day they attend pre-school along with any cream and wipes that we have been given permission to use.

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